N.B. Avoid my mistakes! Save days..

N.B. Avoid my mistakes! Save days..

Post by John Griswol » Mon, 24 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I have committed all of these errors this week:

The problem of seeing only LI after boot CAN be caused by the Linux boot
partition being on the second IDE controller as MASTER.  Put it as slave
on the primary controller.  (It was physically easier to put it on the

The problem of L101010101 being displayed indefinately is the result of
lilo not being able to see the Linux partition via the BIOS properly.
(Even when the drive is not configured in the BIOS, Win'95 and Linux can
see the drive.  lilo cannot.... )

When the install boot disk asks for a ramdisk, it wants the ROOT disk you
have made.  In fact, it wants the root disk still COMPRESSED (i.e.


1. Day Light Saving

1. How to setup day light saving on RedHat4.2 ?
2. I use xntp software for time synchronization with GPS (RedHat 4.2).
Trimble protocol is used. Does anyone can tell me what will happen when
day light
saving occur ?
Thanks !

PS: I posted this message in comp.os.linux.development.apps, too. Sorry,
if somebody read it twice.


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Institute "Mihajlo Pupin" - Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Address: Volgina 15, 11050 Belgrade

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