Cirrus 5436 issues

Cirrus 5436 issues

Post by » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

hi there, I am a real Linux newbie (sorry it took so long to break out of
the abusive relationship) and i have run into probs with the X setup on the
machine i am trying to install and learn on.

machine: siemens p166 (d940 mainboard)
ram: 80
video CL GD5436 / 2mb on board
monitor Tatung CM15MCS (v old and no docs available).
Flavour mandrake 6.5

Essentially, it seems that the chipset for the vid is not directly supported
when i actually try to install. i have hacked around with different settings
for the 5434 but still no joy. the best i get is X running at v low res so
about a tenth of the desktop displays - the worst is when a garbled desktop
comes up but the screen simply won't refresh and the data overlay until ctrl
alt bkspace is the only answer.

I tried to work round by putting an SBExxtream in yet even tho this is fully
supported, the machine boots with it and all seems fine, the X setup still
probes and finds the 5436 but not the SB. setting up longhand with
xf86config allows me to enter the SB and whilst the config file seems to
have been written, still no desktop. The pc's bios doesn't offer a vga
disable option and the board doesn't appear to jumperable either.

Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance, Marc