getting 'at' to work

getting 'at' to work

Post by Carl Reiman » Sun, 29 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I can't seem to get 'at' to work. I have slackware with kernel 2.0.0 and
at v. 2.9b. It works some of the time. Not every job I give it is carried
out. How much time in advance the job is specified seems not to matter,
nor does the time between jobs. The syntax for 'at' is simple, and I've
used it on other UNIX boxes. What should I be looking for? Why would there
be a problem?

Thanks for any help.

Carl Reimann


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I am trying to get mirror to work for my ftp site, but I
am having the following problem:

After I created the .ph files, I try to run mirror using
the properly set up (should be, at least) mirror.defaults
file.  However, after starting, it dies with the following
Undefined subroutine "main' __GNUC__" called at /usr/lib/perl \
/sys/ line 70.

I am using slackware 1.2 and mirror 2.3.  Any ideas?


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