LPR help

LPR help

Post by Shehrzad Ahmed Qures » Thu, 05 Oct 1995 04:00:00

        I have what I think will be a simple question to answer.  My
lpr program isn't working correctly with my Brother HL-630 printer.
As an example of what the problem is, I tried to print a simple
29-line Makefile.  The first six lines get printed, with an extra tab
added after each newline.  Anyone have any ideas?



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I'm having a problem getting LPRng 3.1.2 to work correctly with my Linux
system.  I get the following message when I spool a file:

My hostname is hart.  I am not netwroked to any other system.  I'm sure
that the solution to this is obvious to someone out there.  Any help would
be appreciated!


Doug Hart

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