Zip 250 Parallel Port

Zip 250 Parallel Port

Post by Damian T. Herric » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Here's one for you. I'm getting ready to wipe away an old Win95 machine and
put Red Hat 5.2 on it, so I can do data processing from home. I have a Zip
250, and have looked over the howto's for zip installs etc, and haven't seen
any mention of the 250. The 100 install doesn't seem hard, but I am
wondering if anyone has run into any trouble with the newer Zip format. If
you have let me know, otherwise I'll just see what I can do this weekend and
be back to let you know next week. Thanks.



Zip 250 Parallel Port

Post by Kyle Dansi » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00

The ZIP250 works fine in Linux. Just load the IMM driver, same as the
Zip Plus.

I am in the process of updating the HOWTO now.

Linux Rules     Iomega Zip Drive Mini - HOWTO


1. Iomega Zip 250 parallel port drive.

I'm having a spot of bother installing an Iomega Zip 250 parallel port
drive. I've been through all the HowTos etc...

My configuration is as follows :

Red Hat Linux release 6.0 (Hedwig)
Kernel 2.2.5-15 on an i686

I believe that all the relevant SCSI support and the imm module are
loaded as they should be. When I try and mount the disk however I get
the following message :

mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/sda4 as a block device
(maybe `insmod driver'?)

When I try and format a disk I get the following :

Unable to open /dev/sda4

I would be very grateful for any tips or help with this.

Alex Schlup.

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