<<<Gateway, gated and setting up new groups....>>>

<<<Gateway, gated and setting up new groups....>>>

Post by Lycanthro » Wed, 13 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Well, I have finally got the box seeing both e-net cards, have them
pinging back and forth etc. Now, I need to figure out why the gateway
wont/isnt working.... I have it enabled in the make config, have the
rc.inet1 file set up to assign the second address to the second card etc.
However, it is not acting like a gateway. I can see a machine set up wiht the
secondary IP address only from this box, but not from another on the other
IP address. I d/l'ed gated, but it wont setup when the second card is
configured and working. Says it starts, but doesnt keep running...

Also, it says I need ot have a group called gamaint or something like that,
but none of the FAQ's tell me how to set up a new group in Linux. I need a
user to have root priveleges.... no instructions on how...

Can anyone offer advice on where to find solutions to these questions?

Thanks one and all!