PNP Sound on Redhat 5.1?

PNP Sound on Redhat 5.1?

Post by Steve Alpe » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I'm working on Redhat 5.1 2.0.35 and trying to get an SB AWE64 running.
I've read Sound HOWTO and PNP, etc.
I've configured and compiled kernel with sound as a module.
sound.o sits in /lib/modules/2.0.35/misc

I can see the PNPISA load the conf for the board apparently correctly.
If I try "modprobe -a sound", nothing is printed.
If I try insmod sound, I get "sound.o" not found.
If I try rmmod sound, I get "sound not loaded" (?)
If I try cat /proc/devices, I see char device 14 as sound.

What am I doing wrong?

tnx, steve

        IDX Systems Corp.   Boston, Massachusetts


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Okay - here is the latest problem I've had with RH5.1 (sometimes I wish
that I hadn't bothered upgrading!)

I have an SB Awe-64 PnP, which requires setup using the Plug-n-Play
utilities, as provided in the RH5.1 distribution.  I created the
/etc/isapnp.conf file, and edited it to uncomment-out the necessary parts,
and the 'isapnp' utility claims to configure the card (I had to enable
'NOVERIFY LD' in order for it to successfully work, but this is supposed
to be a common problem with SB-Cards?)  Anyway, the kernel still fails to
detect the AWE part of the sound card - I patched in the awe.o source
code, but on startup it says "AWE32: Not detected".  Also, OPL3-FM midi
doesn't work either - which seems to indicate that the PnP did not
initialise the card properly.  I tried to force the card to be detected by
putting in the memory address and capacity of the card, and sure enough it
does say 'AWE32: found 0x620, 512K DRAM' (approx. I am not at home at
present to check this), but no matter what I do, it is always silent, and
'sfxload -M' always says "Free DRAM: 512Kb' even if I put in a 512Kb bank
into the card.

These troubles definately indicate the PnP initialisation, but I fail to
see where the trouble lies.  It used to work fine on an RH4.1 system
running kernel 2.0.33 (I also upgraded the kernel to the final release of
2.0.34, but it doesn't work on 2.0.33 with RH5.1 either)

Thanks for your help,


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