Netscape 6.0 and Realplayer

Netscape 6.0 and Realplayer

Post by Vijay Cula » Tue, 21 Nov 2000 14:22:33

I have been using Realplayer with Netscape 4.75.  I recently downloaded
version 6.0 but cannot get Realplayer to work with it.  I have properly
installed Realplayer (the .so file is in Netscape 6.0 plugins directory,
etc).  However when I type "about:plugins", it doesn't show the realplayer
plug-in to be installed.   To see Real Audio content, I have to manually
type in the location of the Realplayer application everytime I click on the
real audio link.

Has anyone gotten Realplayer to work with Netscape 6.0?




1. No sound for my Realplayer G2 on Redhat 6.0

     I just installed Realplayer G2 on my RedHat 6.0. I can see the
but no sound. I can play CD fine. All the other sound applciations works
but not Realplayer G2. My sound card is Aureal A3D and I'm using the OSS

driver. I was using the video clips from the G2 showcase.
Anything I missed? Do I need to download some patch or something?

    I'm new at Realplayer. It's proxy http options is 'Use my web
browser's HTTP proxy'.
I'm not using PNZ and RTSP proxy. Would that be OK?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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