*NEW* backpack CDROM install for RedHat 3.0.3

*NEW* backpack CDROM install for RedHat 3.0.3

Post by Grant Guenth » Sat, 20 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Thanks to Donnie Barnes of RedHat Software, an *unofficial* and
*unsupported* boot and root disk set is now available for RHS 3.0.3,
the Picasso release.  The new boot disk includes my driver for the
MicroSolutions 'backpack' CDrom drive.  For more information, and
downloading instructions, go to:






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Has anyone had any luck installing RedHat 4.0 with a Microsolutions
backpack cd-rom. I've seen the installation disks for 3.0.3 and
before I try to hack a solution wanted to see if anyone else already


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