XFree86 & ATI Graphics Pro Turbo: ghosting problems

XFree86 & ATI Graphics Pro Turbo: ghosting problems

Post by Richard Duboi » Wed, 19 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to set up XFree86 from the March '95 InfoMagic Slackware
distribution CD. I have an ADI 5EP 17" monitor and ATI Graphics Pro Turbo video
card with 2 MB vram.

 X fires up, using the XF86_Mach64 driver but exhibits a sort of ghosting in
the horizontal. Oddly enough (to me), the text looks pretty much fine. I can do
things like use the root menu, bring up xterms etc, but the ghosting is pretty

 I have used standard timings for 800x600 & 640x480; the X driver can read the
clocks etc from the card. The information echoed from the X server seems

 I am at a loss for the next step!

Any ideas?


Richard Dubois
SLD, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

415-926-2923 (FAX)