autofs vs. Solaris automount configuration file format

autofs vs. Solaris automount configuration file format

Post by Judy Anders » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

We have a Red Hat 6.2 Linux system which we are trying to incorporate into
our large network of other UNIX systems.  One of the things we have in our
NFS setup is links to files in the /net auto mounted file system.

On the Solaris system, the auto.master file has a line in it:
/net    -hosts
which, under the Solaris system, will auto mount any NFS exported file
system under the name of the server (that is, if fileserver exports
/directory, if you referenced /net/fileserver/directory on the client,
it would be automounted).

We wish to duplicate on Linux, if not the complete functionality of the
automounting, at least the ability to use those /net/fileserver pathnames,
as we already have references to them in a large number of symbolic links on
the file server, and we want the file systems to look the same from the
Linux system as from the Solaris systems.  I have not yet determined what to
put in my auto.master file, nor in any possible file that might
describe the resulting file system.

We considered using amd, but it seemed like we should use it also in the
rest of our file systems, and that seemed like more work and we were ready

Another posting we found on the net suggested that we create the
following structure of files:
## /etc/auto.master
/net    /etc/autofs/net         rw,intr,rsize=8192,wsize=8192

## /etc/autofs/net
# ... some exceptions to the rule ...
*       -fstype=autofs,-Dhost=&,-Dprefix=/&     file:/etc/autofs/net.sub

## /etc/autofs/net.sub
*       ${host}:${prefix}/&

Which I tried, and it does in fact automatically create the
/net/fileserver directory, however when I attempt to actually access
mount points I get errors in my /var/log/messages:
Jun  2 15:05:04 client automount[4694]: attempting to mount entry
Jun  2 15:05:04 client automount[4697]: >> mount: fileserver:/fileserver/mnt
failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

Yet another posting suggested that we should be using the following
line in auto.misc
*     -soft,bg,intr           &:/
but that did not seem to work at all -- I suspect that there was
something else I needed, but the posting was terse.

Any advice on solving these problems is appreciated!

    Judy Anderson yclept yduJ            'yduJ' rhymes with 'fudge'


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I found the following in the V5.1A Release Notes and the Network Administration:
Services manual.

"Automount will be retired in a future release; therefore, if you are using
Automount, you will eventually need to migrate to AutoFS."

Okay, why ?

If this is the same autofs that is used on Solaris, then it "breaks" one of the
nicest features of automount.  That is, if the filesystem to be mounted is local to
your host, then a soft link is made to the /tmp_mnt point.  Solaris blindly does the
NFS mount request and figures the network driver will handle the fact that the data
transfer doesn't really need to go across the wire.


Jack Patteeuw

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