Linux won't recognize hard disk during installation

Linux won't recognize hard disk during installation

Post by Shawn Packwo » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi there folks...

I was wondering if some kind sould would be willing to give me some help
trying to get Linux installed.  I'm trying to install Slackware 3.0 onto my
new computer.  Here's its specs:
Pentium 120 with 256 k cache
Matrox Millenium 2 MB WRAM
NEV XV17 monitor
Sound Blaster 16
Sony cdu33a CD-ROM
Quantum Fireball 1.2 GB hard drive
Windows 95

I tried to install Linux first through my CD-ROM but it wouldn't recognize it.
Fine.  So I then tried installing it from a DOS/win95 partition.  That didn't
work either.  I simply got a message saying it couldn't find the subdirectory
where I had copied all the disk images.  Does anybody out there have ANY ideas
as to how to rectify this problem?  I'd really like to get Linux up and going
by next monday if at all possible.

Thanks a lot,

Shawn Packwood


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I'm trying to install Slackware 3.4 on my Win95 (OSR2) computer, but I've
got a little problem. The kernel doesn't seem to realize that I have a hard
disk! It properly detects my tape backup, zip drive, and cd-rom (although it
decides the tape drive is hda) but no hard disk.

These devices are all IDE, and since I'm using FAT32, I'm using the fat32.i
bootdisk and the color rootdisk.

The hard disk in question is a Quantum Fireball ST6, a 6.4 GB Ultra-ATA
drive. I've heard vague rumors of rumors that linux doesn't support
Ultra-ATA. If this is true, it'd be nice to know! If not, can I somehow
force the hard disk to be detected, or do I need some kind of alternate
kernel or something?

Please help or I may be forced to remain linuxless for the forseeable
future! (A terrible fate indeed!)

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