Can't install Redhat on SCSI with multiple OS's

Can't install Redhat on SCSI with multiple OS's

Post by nospa » Tue, 01 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I can't install Redhat 5.1 on a multi-partitioned 4gig SCSI hard drive

3 operating systems co-exist (peacefully) on this SCSI drive which is
partitioned into 7 logical drives:

win95  - on hidden C: when booting OS/2
OS/2   -  on hidden C: when booting 95
WinNT - on F:

I use OS/2's boot manager which comes up first and is configured to boot:

Clicking on WinNT/95 option,  takes me to the WinNT boot.ini - which
enables either WinNT or Win95 to boot.

Clicking on the OS/2 option  - OS/2 boots

Everything works flawlessly... until trying to add Redhat.   My trouble
starts with Disk Druid: It will not let me 'Add' a Linux partition to any
of the remaining logical drives. I get messages such as:

"There are currently unallocated partitions..."
"Not enough free space..."  (I get this most of the time).
"You must assign root (/)..."  (I have)
"Mount failed; Invalid argument..."

"Mounting" is also unclear to me (I tried '/' and '/boot' but nothing
seems to work).

After much frustration, I disconnected the SCSI drive with the multiple
OS's and connected a single, clean,  3gig IDE drive - partitioned into two
logical drives. I was able to install Redhat on it, even though I can't
understand how I did it, nor, why can I only boot Linux from floppy.  

Hoping I didn't confuse anyone: Can someone please tell me what am I doing
wrong with Disk Druid (or else)?  

Why can't I install Redhat on my single SCSI multi-partitioned drive?

Than you.