external zip drive question

external zip drive question

Post by David Heddl » Sat, 11 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Does anyone know how to make an external zip drive (i.e. plugged
into the parallel port) visible to linux?

Thank You,



1. HELP: IDE ZIP drive and Red hat, cannot access Zip drive

Hi Linux friends,

I have a IDE ZIPdrive and want to use it under Linux
Currently I have Redhat 4.1 installed.

During start-up it finds my IDE zip at /dev/hdc (/dev/hdb
is my IDE cdrom), however any attempt to mount a disk or to access with
mtools failed. Mtools gives me a read error, with obscure messages like
hdc: packect command error: status=0x51 error=0x50.... (sigh)

Do I have to upgrade to Redhat 5.0. I read somewhere that it might work.
Does anybody has more experience with this matter and hence could
anybody give me some valuable advice, before I run to the store and buy
redhat 5.0 or get myself a scsi ZIP drive.

Thanx guys,

Hans Kramer

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