Why not recognizing DOS drive?

Why not recognizing DOS drive?

Post by Carl Sea » Mon, 06 Mar 1995 11:05:20

I've searched and searched the FAQs, the HOWTOs and the Installation
Guide and can't answer the following question:  How can I get Linux to
recognize my DOS hard drive? It is a 540 meg setup as hda1 and my Linux
drive is a 170 meg setup as hdb1 and hdb2 (one is the swap).  I would
like to be able to access DOS files and if I get really brave, try out
DOSEMU, but Linux just won't recognize it.  I'm afraid if I try to change
anything with Linux fdisk that it will wipe out the 540.  Ideas?  Thanks
in advance for your help!

Carl Seals


1. Linux not recognizing my 1.2 Gig DOS Hard Drive

Here's the situation.  I have a "frankenstein" computer at home
(my creation!).  It has two hard drives(1.2 Gig, 815 MByte),
SoundBlaster16 PnP (which linux boot disk won't recognize) w/4x CD-Rom

My motherboard bios does not support LBA for large hard drives, thus for
DOS/Win95 to see my entire 1.2 Gig drive, I have to install a
dynamic drive overlay in the boot sector of that drive.  This makes
linux see this as a type unknown in fdisk. (not dos >32)

I want to install linux on the other drive.  But with a PnP card
controlling my CDROM, I can't get linux to recognize the CDROM and
use the linux CDROM I bought.  I cant install from the DOS partion
because linux won't recognize that.  

What I really want is for linux to be able to mount my DOS
partion(s).   Anybody know how to do this with a dynamic
drive overlay installed on the drive that has the DOS partion?

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