S3 Virge : which is the best server ??

S3 Virge : which is the best server ??

Post by Adrian Powe » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00


   Having recently install an S3 Virge I see there are two available servers.
I chose to use the S3V server, as the SVGA one failed to start. Questions :

1.   Can anyone supply me with a XF86Config that works with a S3 Virge using the
   SVGA server ??.

2. The doc for the SVGA server suggests that it can be well configured for
   performance, wereby the S3V server doesn't really mention any tweeking
   options. Which one performs best/ makes best use of the hardware ?.

3. Cracking my regular env up to 1280x1025x24bit, i noticed that programs
   such a xquake no longer work correctly; Is there any way around this
   apart from having to restart X with xstart -- -bpp8 ?. ... I notice that
   the card doc mentions the abillity to use streams to have multiple bit
   depths on screen at once ?. Is this implimented in Xfree86 ?.

  One last thing SuperProbe returns S3 (unkown) on my chipset, with
an unkown id, saying please report. The datestamp on Superprobe is 1995.
Is it just out of date ??.


ps I am using 3.3.1 server binaries.


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the GX card?

Thanks for your input,

Mike Decerbo


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