Ensoniq Soundscape & MIDI in/out

Ensoniq Soundscape & MIDI in/out

Post by brendan parker du » Thu, 28 Aug 1997 04:00:00


I'm running kernel 2.0.30 currently.  I have an Ensoniq Soundscape
installed in my system, and an external keyboard.  I would like to be
able to use the keyboard for MIDI input into a Linux sequencer, but so
far it's had other plans, it seems.

From what I can gather, Linux only sees the Soundscape itself.  Midi
files play properly, using the board's internal synth, but if I tell
playmidi to use the -e switch (for external midi), it still uses the
internal synth.  Furthermore, nothing is coming through the interface
from the keyboard, though I've checked that the sequencer and the
keyboard are transmitting and receiving on the same channel.  Does anyone
know how to make Linux recognize the interface?  Below are the results
from cat /dev/sndstat and the sound options I've placed in my kernel.


Brendan Dunn

  -- cat /dev/sndstat results
Sound Driver:3.5.4-960630 (Wed Aug 27 13:07:17 EST 1997 root,
Linux fennec 2.0.0 #2 Tue Jun 11 07:12:12 CDT 1996 i586)
Kernel: Linux fennec 2.0.30 #10 Wed Aug 27 13:28:56 EST 1997 i586
Config options: 0

Installed drivers:
Type 12: Ensoniq SoundScape
Type 15: MS Sound System (SoundScape)

Card config:
Ensoniq SoundScape at 0x330 irq 9 drq 1
MS Sound System (SoundScape) at 0x534 irq 5 drq 1

Audio devices:
0: SoundScape (AD1848)

Synth devices:

Midi devices:
0: SoundScape (MPU401)

0: System clock

0: SoundScape (AD1848)

   --  Kernel options in the sound category
Ensoniq SoundScape support (CONFIG_SSCAPE) [Y/n/?]
/dev/dsp and /dev/audio support (CONFIG_AUDIO) [Y/n/?]
MIDI interface support (CONFIG_MIDI) [Y/n/?]


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Okay, I have an *original* and *genuine* (As in by Ensoniq and the first
model they put out) Ensoniq soundscape card.  After a couple years of
trying to get midi working in Linux (off and on), I finally nearly
struck gold last night.  However, it seems to be using the card's
awful-sounding FM synthesis and not it's wonderful-sounding wavetable
synthesis.  I figure I probably set something wrong in the kernel config
when I last compiled my kernel (last night, 2.0.36, sound compiled as a
module), but I'm not sure.  Anyone here know how I can get the card to
default to using its wavetable synthesis?  If so, that's one more reason
for me never to boot into Windows again.  Thanks! :)

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