Upgrading RH 7.1 to 7.2 says 'some volumes not unmounted cleanly'

Upgrading RH 7.1 to 7.2 says 'some volumes not unmounted cleanly'

Post by Alexandre Jousse » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 23:31:59

        Hi all,

        When I try to upgrade my RH7.1 to the 7.2,
after asking me if I want to customize packages to
be upgraded (I say no to this) it says that some
volume have not been unmounted cleanly, reboot and
fsck them... There are no problems with any partition
so I don't understant... I even tried to boot in init
level 1 and unmounted all partitions 1 by 1 and
remounted the / read only to be sure... I checked
with fdisk and there are no other partitions than
the 3 I have...

        Any clue ? Thanx...
   \^/   Cordialement/Regards,
 -/ O \--Alexandre (Midnite) Jousset-----------



1. Upgrade Mandrake 7.1 to RH 7.2 - Trouble initializing during quota check

After a seemingly flawless install/upgrade, I'm booting for the first
time. I get to the local filesystems portion of the boot and I get the

Mounting local filesystems: mount: fs type supermount not supported by
kernel  [FAILED]
Checking local filesystem quotas:       [  OK  ]

....and then it hangs!   What's wrong??

I went to single user mode and looked at the /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit
file. The portion in question looks like this:

# Mount all other filesystems (except for NFS and /proc, which is
# mounted). Contrary to standard usage,
# filesystems are NOT unmounted in single user mode.
action $"Mounting local filesystems: " mount -a -t nonfs,smbfs,ncpfs
-O no_netdev

# check remaining quotas other than root
if [ X"$_RUN_QUOTACHECK" = X1 -a -x /sbin/quotacheck ]; then
        if [ -x /sbin/convertquota ]; then
            # try to convert old quotas
            for mountpt in `cat /etc/mtab | awk '$4 ~ /quota/{print
$2}'`; do
                if [ -f "$mountpt/quota.user" ]; then
                    action $"Converting old user quota files: " \
                    /sbin/convertquota -u $mountpt && \
                        rm -f $mountpt/quota.user
                if [ -f "$mountpt/quota.group" ]; then
                    action $"Converting old group quota files: " \
                    /sbin/convertquota -g $mountpt && \
                        rm -f $mountpt/quota.group
    action $"Checking local filesystem quotas: " /sbin/quotacheck

if [ -x /sbin/quotaon ]; then
    action $"Enabling local filesystem quotas: " /sbin/quotaon -aug

# Turn on process accounting
if [ -x /sbin/accton ] ; then
        action $"Turning on process accounting" /sbin/accton

Please help. Is the problem the old Mandrake kernel?

Thanks to all,


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