Help! CDR w/ SB problem!!!

Help! CDR w/ SB problem!!!

Post by Lord Rave » Sat, 29 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Ack! this bugs me. I have a SB pro, and i just got a Funai dbl speed
drive. it works in dos, but in linux, it probes and dosen't find it.
Why??? I also have a propritary card for the Cdrom. It uses poer 300-380,
and my SB is on port 230. How can I make linux realize it's there???
Any help appreciated, and could you mail it? thx...
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1. Newbie setup problem with NEC CDR 272 CD player running through SB 16

I'm excited about running linux but I've run into a bit of a
stumbling block in the install process:

I'm trying to install Red Hat Linux v.2.0 on my 486.  I am using
bootdisk boot0000.img, and it autodetects both my hard drives(both
IDE), but not my CD-ROM player(IDE also).  

The CD-ROM player is one out of a Sound Blaster Discovery Quad Speed
Kit.  The kit includes a SB16 and a NEC CDR 272 CD Player which is
attached to the IDE port on the Sound Board, not the Sound
Blaster/Panasonic CD Rom Port.  I have
not changed any of the default settings on the board and installed
the kit as instructed in the manual.  I did try a different setting
on the CD rom jumper.  The options were either slave, master, or
single, and I moved the default(slave) to single, but that didn't
help in the Linux install.  

When I attempt to have the setup program install software it comes to
the point where it prompts for which media to install from, and I
indicate my CD Player.  When it attempts to locate it , the set
program returns something like "complete failure to locate CD ROM"
after checking several addresses.  

I haven't found any mention of this drive in any of the previous
posts or FAQ's and I was wondering if someone could point me in the
right direction.  Is this CD ROM ATAPI compliant?  Does running the
drive through the Sound Card as suggested by sound blaster cause the
problem?  Is there a more suitable driver I should be using?  Should
I pass an argument to the boot disk?  I've got 2 hard drives which
are both IDE and both connected to a Promise Enhanced IDE 2300
controller card on separate ports(no master/slave).  Could I run the
CD ROM perhaps temporarily as a slave to one of these drives?  I'm
not really to up on my hardware, so I'm needing some serious

System Info:
486 dx 33(Intel) VLB
8MB Ram
1.2 gig Western Digital IDE Hard Drive
250 Mb Conner IDE Hard Drive
Promise EIDE 2300 Controller Card
Diamond Stealth 64 2Mb DRAM with s3 chip
SB 16 Sound Card
NEC CDR-272 CD-ROM Player
Supra 28.8 Internal Modem
HP Deskjet 540 Printer

Does anybody see any other components which might give me problems as
I install the Linux, X-Windows, and the popular compilers and apps?

Alan May

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