Strange Problem with Redhat 8 Login.....

Strange Problem with Redhat 8 Login.....

Post by Kusa Ram Devinen » Fri, 29 Nov 2002 17:43:00

Hi Everybody,
I am facing a strange problem with 'Redhat 8.0 Login'. I installed it along
with Windows 98 and it used to work fine.The problem I am facing now is that
it is not loading the KDE desktop even after a successful login as 'root' &
providing me with the same login screen again.I am able to login with the
other 'username' and from there as 'su'.What could be the problem?Thanks in



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Hi Linuxers,

Here is again a tricky question...
I succesfully setup getty with my modem to answer phone calls..
I also tested my system if it welcomes a remote user...
Everything fine so far..but when the new user logs into my
system, his logname remains LOGIN (bug?) (in the utmp file)..that
simply means that the 'talk' daemon will not work if this  
person or I we use 'talk'...The getty man talks about
a bag in the id field in the inittab file...

the line I have for my modem in the inittab file is:

S2:34:respawn:/bin/getty -d /etc/default/getty.ttyS2 ttyS2 2400 vt100
This S2 I guess causes the problem or not...heeeelppp!
(I fixed the console entries id's from c1...c4  to 1..4 and
the problem dissapeared..)
                                                  Thank you,


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