Redhat Install, no floppy + backpack cdrom

Redhat Install, no floppy + backpack cdrom

Post by Michael Evanof » Sat, 14 Apr 2001 16:46:39

Now the floppy drive on this old laptop is kaputs, so i'm left with
loadlin as a means of getting into the redhat install (the backpack
cdrom is not bootable).

I use loadlin vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img
This gets me into the install, but now, im screwed bc it needs the
driver disk for the cdrom.

Possibly, what i could do is try to squeeze the base install onto the
hard drive and install from there, but that would mean messing with
fips, in order to split the 'tiny' 400 meg partition into 2. If i
could somehow get the cdrom detected, then i would just wipe out the
existing partition, and go from there.

Is there a way i can get the driver.img loaded as well with loadlin? I
seriously doubt it, but maybe its possible..
I would prefer to get to some sort of solution this way.

Also, im not partial to any distro, and if someone knows of a way that
i could get another distro installed onto this thing, i would
appreciate that info as well.



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