Q: Install LILO on 2nd HD, remove 1st hd, boot from 2nd?

Q: Install LILO on 2nd HD, remove 1st hd, boot from 2nd?

Post by Thilo Salm » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

: Any suggestions?

to followup myself: I just found the problem. LILO couldn't find the
stuff in /boot, since it resided on the disk I removed. Too bad...



1. install on different system (2nd HD->1st HD)

I want to install FreeBSD 4.5(!) on one system (second or
third HD, I think that would be ad1 or ad2) and then
move that disk to the system it will live in as ad0.

The installation manual says that the default
kernel config is to name disks based on where they
are physically located rather than their order.

Would someone be able to advise me how I should
go about configuring the kernel for the
installation such that it sees the third disk
as ad0 and installs everything on that disk
and that later when the disk is moved to the target
system it still works?

I will likely only use a single primary partition for
FreeBSD as Linux is already living on that disk and
needs to stay available for dual-boot.

any help is appreciated

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