Red Hat installation problem

Red Hat installation problem

Post by Thomas Bontrage » Fri, 11 Oct 1996 04:00:00


I'm having an installation problem with Red Hat 4.0 that seems to have
something to do with ramdisks. I'm trying to install using the single
boot floppy in a: and the CD-ROM (a message says that the drive has been
recognized). The kernel on my boot floppy sets up 16 ramdisks, according
to a message, but later it tells me that there is no memory available to
load--the message goes:

        no ramdisk found at 500.

Above, there turned out to be a listing of "space available for
loading." It was all zeros.

Much thanks, and please email me directly if possible.



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Hello Happy Holidays,

I'm having a very hard time installing Red Hat Linux on my PC.  I have a
200Mhz Pentium with 48Megs of ram, and 5 gigs on the hard drive.   I'm
trying to use the hard drive specifically for Linux.

 The problem is with my graphics card; it's an Elsa Gloria -L 16meg PCI.
Red Hat states that they support my card, but I can't seem to get it
working.  I was under the impression that when I install Linux, I would be
able to select the correct drivers from a menu with in the Lunux
installation.   I can't get past the born shell.  When I enter the command
startx,  the system goes blank and a message appears stating that the server

 Also When I attempt to configure the x server I don't know what type of
clock my card has.  I know that it has I 3D Labs chip set, but that's about

Thanks in advance


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