What is "Child #### died with ff00" ?

What is "Child #### died with ff00" ?

Post by Spaz » Mon, 04 Sep 1995 04:00:00

  Just trying to install linux, trying hard, no ducumentation which
makes sense, and here I am with a boot disk, and it starts loading
ramdisk (what's that?) and then goes nuts with the messege

  child #+ died with ff00

  Any ideas?  

  Thanks for any help.


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1. Linux won't boot- "child # died with code ff00" message

  After installing only the A set of disks for slackware and reboot I
get this message a zillion times after linux recognizes my hard drives
(and before any login prompt).  The # changes from 1 to something like
20000 and then flips back again.  I have tried to boot from the floppy
I made and also directly from the hard disk but I get the same result
each time.
  Ok, a few things about my system.  I have a 486/66 clone motherboard
(intel processor) with 16M ram and an ISA video card.  I am using a
promise 2300+ controller and have a DOS disk as HDA (850M) and my
linux disk is 340M (which I partitioned so I could have a swap file).
Linux was able to read from HDA for the installation and write to HDB.
  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix the problem?  

Thanks for all of your help in advance!

- Dan

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