Install: CD-ROM problem

Install: CD-ROM problem

Post by SD.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm trying to install Linux Mandrake 6.5 and have got to the part where
the type of CD-ROM is being asked for. None of the choices available
detect my CD-ROM. I'm using a Matshita CR-581 which I assume is an IDE.
Even though the CD-ROM HOWTO says that Panasonic products are sometimes
released under that name, the Panasonic choice does not work either.

I'm wondering if this CD-ROM is supported by Linux. If it is, and I do
need to manually configure it, what port and IRQ should I use?
Currently, I have no operating system installed on the hard drive (I
will only use Linux) and am having difficulty figuring this out.



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I've been trying to install Linux from the InfoMagic Linux Developer's
Kit (5 CD set) and have tried both RedHat and Slackware, but I encounter
the same
problem with both -- at an arbitrary point in the installation, when
copying files
to the HD, the system locks up with the CD drive light and HD light
on. I've let it sit there for over 20 minutes thinking it might resolve
but CTRL-ALT-DEL doesn't reboot the machine and I have to just hard
reboot. I
also tried the Debian distribution, but could not get the boot floppies
to work...

I've been using various flavors of UNIX for nearly ten years and have
pretty much everything out there (SCO, SUN, Apollo, Coherent, A/UX,
and have never had as much difficulty with an install! I hope that Linux
going to be this aggravating for everything...

My configuration is as follows:

        DEC Starion 930
        100 MHz Pentium
        256 cache
        16 MB RAM
        1.2 GB IDE HD (400 MB initial partition for Windows 95)
        4x IDA/ATAPI CD-ROM (Toshiba XM-5302TA)
        17" SVGA Multiscan Display (1028x768)
        S3 Video Card (according to the factory Windows 95 driver...actual
        1.44 Floppy

According to the CMOS settings the HD has 64 heads, 63 sectors, and 612
but I'm not sure if these are in sync with reality. How would I check

Also, the HD has almost 100 bad sectors on it. Is this a standard number
of defects
for a 1.2 GB drive?!

Any suggestions/solutions/condolences would be appreciated...


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