Problems with GCC and missing shared library...

Problems with GCC and missing shared library...

Post by Don E. Richards-Boe » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I'm having a problem with gcc after a supposed upgrade from 2.6.3 -->
2.7.0.  The following error is received anytime I try to execute gcc
(which makes the system pretty useless... good ol' winNT to the rescue):

unable to load shared library

Well, I've DL'd the whole 2.7.2 distribution, downloaded libc1.9 and
reinstalled 2.6.3, 2.7.0 among other things all to no avail.  Please,
any help would be appreciated.  No kernel compilations, no programming,
no Linux.




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I have a SunPCi II pro card and are having difficulties accessing the
CD-ROM from within Windows 2000 Professional. The PDF file
"Troubleshooting SunPCi II CD-ROM Access Problems"

says (bottom of page 4) there needs to be a file in
/usr/lib/rmmount overwise the CD-ROM won't be seen in Microsoft
Windows. I've installed the SunPCi II Pro card and the software
(2.3.2), but there is no file.

The document on Sun's site shows information about Solaris 8, so
perhaps this is no longer needed in Solaris 9, although this seems a
bit unlikely.

Any suggestions?

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