xterm doesn't update utmp when exiting

xterm doesn't update utmp when exiting

Post by Eric M. Bo » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Ok, I've been chasing this problem for a while now...

I recently upgraded libc's, ld.so's gcc, etc.
When I did this I ran into problems with utmp not being updated when
someone logged out.  I read the libc.so.5.2.18 release notes, and
changed my system so that there was only /var/run/utmp and /var/log/wtmp as
real files, and that /etc/utmp, /var/adm/utmp pointed to /var/run/utmp and
/etc/wtmp and /var/adm/wtmp pointed to /var/log/wtmp.

Here's the current situation:
        If a user logs in remotely, utmp gets cleaned up properly when they exit.
        If a user uses rxvt (instead of xterm) utmp gets cleaned up properly
           when they exit.

        But, if a user uses xterm...utmp gets updated to add the new tty, but
           the new tty doesn't get deleted when they log out.

If anyone can explain this behaviour, I'm all ears.

Recently upgraded libs:
ld.so.1.7.14 (was slackware 3.0 default...maybe ld.so.1.7.3?)
libc.so.5.2.18 (was 5.0.9)

utmp and wtmp files:
/etc/utmp -> /var/run/utmp
/var/adm/utmp -> /var/run/utmp
/etc/wtmp -> /var/log/wtmp
/var/adm/wtmp -> /var/log/wtmp

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        my xterm/color_xterm are SUID root.  When I leave X and run
`finger` or `who` or aything, I still see a crap-load of people "logged
in" on ttyp ports.  They're not there, of course.  What's causing this,
and how can I fix it?  Thanks,

BTW, here is the ls -la output...
-rwsr-xr-x   1 root     bin        145276 Jun 11  1995 /usr/X11/bin/color_xterm*
-rwsr-xr-x   1 root     root       134412 Jul 23  1995 /usr/X11/bin/xterm*

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