New to Linux, How can you make a dual boot of Linux and Win95?

New to Linux, How can you make a dual boot of Linux and Win95?

Post by makin » Sat, 20 Sep 1997 04:00:00

A friend of mine has Slackware 3.2 and wants to create 2 partitions, one
for Linux and one for Windows 98 beta (he is a beta tester).  Both of us
are new to Linux and are realy interested in it.

I know you can make partitions for fat32, but a patch is required for
Windows95 to be installed on it.
Where can I get the patch?
When you dual boot, how do you access either Windows 95 and Linux?
Can you send me in the right direction (HOWTO's or WEB SITES) for
installing Linux an Windows 95?  I have searched some of the HOWTO sites
and haven't been able to find alot of info.
Does Linux has to be installed first?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

Please post and send an email to either of the following email addresses


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I've got a 266 PII PC with one EIDE hard-drive with Win95 installed.  I want
to add a second EIDE hard drive (probably around 4-6 Gb) and install RH
Linux 5.1 plus some other Linux s/w (like Oracle8.0.5 pre-production
release!  Yew!).  I want to be able to choose which O/S (ie. which
hard-drive) I boot from at power-on.  I'm not real good with hardware and
low-level stuff.  Do I need to purchase a good boot-loader?  Is there one
that anyone would recommend that works very well and is simple (and safe!)
to install for choosing boot between Linux and Win95?

Doubly thankful if you would respond via email as well as posting here!

Thanks and regards,

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