kernel settings .......... HELP !!!!

kernel settings .......... HELP !!!!

Post by Michael Kin » Tue, 04 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I would like to know what was set when a kernel was compiled.

No. I do not have the /usr/src/.config file .

Thank you.


1. Help needed setting up MPU-401 with Redhat 7.0, Kernel 2.4

Hello all,

I'm fairly new to Linux (don't all these messages start with that
"disclaimer??!").  I guess i'm not *that* new to linux, because I've gone
so far as to remove my Win98 partition completely! So i'm only doing
linux...pretty daring.

Anyway, I have a OLD Roland LAPC-1 sound card which is basically a
MPU-401, or so Windows used to say.  Even though it's old, it really
still sounds wonderful (for those of you who remember the Roland MT-32,
it is pretty much just that, except it's all on a card, not the external
sound module thingy).  Anyway, I would *really* like to get it working in
Linux, but I really am stumped.  I don't know too much about setting all
this stuff up, but when I configured and compiled the 2.4 kernel I added
MPU-401 support, and I do have a /dev/mpu401data and /dev/mpu401stat, but
apparantly they aren't working.  I also tried "insmod mpu401 io=330
irq=9" (i know the IRQ is right, but not sure about the IO...anybody
familiar with those older cards know what they defaulted to?) and it loaded
the module, but playmidi keeps yelling about "dev/sequencer" not being found.
About a year back with Redhat 6.0 I do remember having a /dev/sequencer
but now I don't, and I don't remember how I got it :)  Can I "makdev" that
and set that to "point" to the MPU-401 somehow?    

There seem to be a lot of pieces to the puzzle that I can't put together
correctly.  If anyone out there who has a old MPU-401 (or even that
doesn't, and knows how to do this stuff) could give me a step by step
custom howto, i'd *really* appreciate it.  

Also while I'm at it...I am running Vmware and I made a DOS virtual
machine so I can play all the old Sierra games (space quest, kings
quest...aah memories!).  So assuming I do get the Roland card working, I
can set up the sound card option to "/dev/mpu401data" or "/dev/sequencer"
or whatever we get working, and I should be able to have the sound card
work in those games right?  For my Win98 Virtual Machine configuration it
points to "/dev/dsp" and sound (digital sound, not midi) works fine, so
it sounds feasible.    This is a side question, so if you MPU
know-it-alls don't know this one, i don't mind...i'll experiment.  I'd
just like to get my MPU working in Linux right now.

Thanks in advance!!!!  If possible, please e-mail any responses to me, as


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