Newbie seeking first RH5.2 install advice

Newbie seeking first RH5.2 install advice

Post by Raymond Heat » Fri, 09 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I was an unwilling subject to the hype and ease of Linux versus Windows.
I have gotten tired of my Windows crashing and losing hardware. Having a
passable experience with OS/2 Warp 3 I decided that maybe its time to
jump on the Linux wagon. Boy, was I in over my head! I thought the DOS
command line was bad twenty years ago, and then OS/2, but Linux is a
whole other world completely. I'm sure it's all transparent after the
setup is complete, but man...

In these newsgroups I have read horror stories about writing or
modifying hardware drivers, weird command line formats, and placing
things in the path statement (at least the last is simular to OS/2) to
get anything to work. For this reason, I threw together a basic computer
just dedicated to Linux. After reading about WIN hardware problems, I
decided to find as much generic stuff as possible, buying most of it
used. My test system looks like this:

Cyrix 486DX2-80
16m Ram
1.5G HD
1.44 floppy
100m IDE internal ZIP
Panasonic 24X IDE CD Rom
SB16 sound card (not PNP Vibra)
Trident 9400cxi 2m video card
generic 33.6 AT&T modem

I originally wanted to use System Commander to boot Linux or OS/2 but
decided to just get used to Linux first. Am I going to have any problems
with the above combination?



Newbie seeking first RH5.2 install advice

Post by Valeriy Filipchu » Sat, 10 Apr 1999 04:00:00

>I thought the DOS
>command line was bad twenty years ago..........but man...
> My test system looks like this:

>Cyrix 486DX2-80
>16m Ram
>1.5G HD
>1.44 floppy
>100m IDE internal ZIP
>Panasonic 24X IDE CD Rom
>SB16 sound card (not PNP Vibra)
>Trident 9400cxi 2m video card
>generic 33.6 AT&T modem

For acceptable performance of X-windows I would put 64M  to RAM.
Everything else is okay.


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