Q:MAXTOR Hard Disk

Q:MAXTOR Hard Disk

Post by Arturo Gonzalez Escriba » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00

        I had read the Large-HOWTO paper. My hard disk is a Maxtor (840 Mb) and
it load a driver to works. When I tried to use linux's fdisk can't it recognize
the partitions mades whith dos' fdisk. The linux's fdisk says the logical and
phisical disk don't begin at the same place and there are a only partition with
840 Mb.

        Can I install Linux in my Maxtor Hard Disk? What's the mistake?

        Note: If I format the Hard disk at 512 MB the linux's fdisk works well.

                Thanks in advance !!



1. Hard Disk Jumper Question on Maxtor IDE as second disk

I just picked up a new system and wanted to add my old Maxtor
7213AT (203Mb) as a second IDE disk. Since I have no documentation
I was wondering if someone out there had run this drive as a 2nd
disk. Is there a jumper to set in order to get this drive to act like
a second disk?

The current system is a packard bell pentium system with dual IDE
connectors, one for standard IDE, one for PCI IDE. The primary drive
is a seagate 1080Mb running off the PCI connector. The docs seem to
indicate that each connector can handle two disks.

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