HELP: 3-Serial Ports ("Input/output error")

HELP: 3-Serial Ports ("Input/output error")

Post by Reg Cleme » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

This is one of those 'I had it working this weekend, but broke it'

OK, For some experiments I need 3 serial ports.
The motherboard has two.
I popped out the soundblaster on IRQ5, and put in a serial board
with only one port enabled, that on IRQ5.

in rc.serial I put
        /bin/setserial /dev/ttyS2 irq 5

So far so good, I can open the port, but any attempt to
do a tcgetattr or tcsetattr to set the serial port parameters
gets a
        Input/output error

error message.

PLEASE, anyone who has made this work, WHAT AM I MISSING????

[ It really DID work this last weekend, and I did ZIP then,
   no setserial, no nothing, but I was running a kernel where
   I had modified a couple of #defines in serial.c to try to
   get the driver to handle more than one port on one IRQ ].



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