Linux & AGP on a new Micron.. any suggestions?

Linux & AGP on a new Micron.. any suggestions?

Post by Gerritt Bae » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Well, I just got my new Micron XKU 266 PII with Diamond Viper330 AGP
video card which uses the RIVA128 chip.  I began to install redhat 2.03
& got back every error conceivable.

Does anyone know what distribution will most likly work on my system &
if linux even supports my AGP card? Win95 is crashing _constantly_ on
me, at least once every 30 minutes, I cant stand it :(( any help would
be appreciated..




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I am going to buy a new box, and I wanted to get a kickin' 3D card,
want to make sure that I get one that is supported by X. Does
have a suggestion as to a good card AGP w/3D capabilities???????

Any and all assistance is rewarded in the afterlife,
and most appreciated in the present.

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