Linux Install from CD and Mitsumi CD-ROM

Linux Install from CD and Mitsumi CD-ROM

Post by David Erickso » Wed, 24 May 1995 04:00:00

I have a Mitsumi 2x FX001D CD-ROM connected to a Sound Blaster Multi-CD
w/ASP.  It works perfectly in Dos and Windows, but when I tried to
install Slackware Linux off of the InfoMagic March Linux CD, The setup
program on the Root disk couldn't find my CD-ROM.  I used the color 1.44
root disk and tried Mitsumi (propietary interface), standard ide, atapi,
and sbpro cd options.  It didn't find the cd with any of those options.  
Is there a drive or patch that will allow me to use the Mitsumi cd-rom?  
Is the problem that Linux doesn't support the SB16 MCD?  (It has
connectors for Mitsumi FX001D, SONY, and Panasonic cd-roms)  I have an
interface card that came with the cd-rom drive, but I don't have an
extra slot to put it in, so I haven't tried it that way, but I would
think that it would work off the SB16 MCD in Linux as well as Dos.  It
uses the standaard MSCDEX driver.   Please mail me with any informaton
that might help.  Thanks.

David Erickson


1. linux, Mitsumi CD-ROM (& SB), & the TA CD-ROM - solved!


As I posted recently, I got the TA CD-ROM, and found that the setup kernel
recognized the CD drive, but the installed one didn't. I had trouble with
the recompile, as well.

The answer is:
    in (I think it's) /etc/include/linux/drivers/blocks, there are *two*
        makefiles. One is named Makefile, the other Makefile.orig. When
        I diffed them, I discovered Makefile.orig *had* conditions for
        compiling the Mitsumi driver, the Soundblaster driver, and one
        other driver, and Makefile *didn't*. I renamed both, and reran
        the compile. No problems, using lilo (after the usual moving &
        /etc/lilo/install) I boot off my hard drive, I can mount the
        CD ROM, etc.

I am emailing TA this, as well.


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