Mounting a RAID-0 partition on an IDE-SCSI/RAID Promise Lite controller

Mounting a RAID-0 partition on an IDE-SCSI/RAID Promise Lite controller

Post by Stephen Orze » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 22:39:40

I am having some troubles trying to configure my RAID-0 system in Linux
(Red Hat 7.2 kernel 2.4.18).  My controller is the Promise FastTrak lite
and it is on my motherboard.  I am booting using lilo, and i can get it to
load and recognize my drives just not the RAID stripe.  I use two 60G
drives to make a 120G RAID stripe.  There are two NTFS partitions on the
stripe, both for Windows XP.

My question is what do I need to do to be able to mount these two NTFS
partitions under linux?  I don't know which device I am supposed to use.  
The drives are seen as /dev/hde and /dev/hdg, since they are on what I
think is referred to as IDE-SCSI.  How would I go about telling linux that
these two drives are really a RAID setup?  I have compiled RAID and SCSI
support into the kernel.

My lilo.conf seems to be okay.  It goes something like this:
  bios=0x80      #My root linux device, on IDE0 slave

append="hdb=973,128,63 hde=7476,255,63 hdg=none"

Is this part correct?  Is there something I am leaving out?  The drives are
all recognized okay, but I still can't mount the NTFS partitions.  What
device should I be using for the mount?  I don't think it really matters
that they are NTFS formatted, all I need is to be able to access both
drives as a unit.

Here is what my fstab looks like:

/dev/hde1   /mnt/winxp   ntfs  ro, umask=0 0 0
/dev/hde5   /mnt/media   ntfs  ro, umask=0 0 0

These settings worked before I switched to RAID so I assume they are the
same except for the device I am mounting.

Thank you,

Steve Orzel


1. Fix for promise RAID controllers not working as IDE controllers in 2.4.19

When an a promise raid 20267 (and probably others) is used as an IDE device
in 2.4.19 it won't detect using the non-raid driver as it would in 2.4.18.
(So it can be used as a high performance ide controller).

The problem lies in the addition of some ifdefs checking the status of
CONFIG_PDC202XX_FORCE in ide-pci.c.  On line 672 an ifdef needed to be
to an ifndef, a bug found way back in RC2, but when it was changed the ifdef
on line 405 got changed instead.

To get everthing working properly change
on line 405 to

and change
on line 672 to

I'd quote the origional posts by my entire network just went down.


        David Hinkle
        Chief Engineer
        Derbyworks Systems

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