ERROR: Open Output File, DETAIL: 0 FILE: LINE 484

ERROR: Open Output File, DETAIL: 0 FILE: LINE 484

Post by Remk » Wed, 30 Dec 1998 04:00:00


After a couple of allnighters I figured I throw it on the net:

I'm trying to put a minimal SuSE distr. on an old laptop: Toshiba T2200SX,
386SX, mem 4MB, HD 61 MB via a null modem with Dos Interlnk.

I set up hda1 for linux native 50 MB, hda2 1MB swap, hda3 10MB Dos. On Dos I
have the SuSE directory with the stuff from Cdrom. I install from a boot
disk with YaST. All works fine untill the actual installation. I just quits
and gives:

ERROR: Open Output File, DETAIL: 0   FILE: LINE 484

This leaves me puzzled...   ':-?   Especially because it worked before when
I had native 43 swap 8 Dos 10 (but then it wouln't fit). Is the lack of
mem/swap causing this or is there something else going wrong? There is
probably a better way of getting linux in this little box...

Or should I just kiss my little girl goodnight and have some QT with my
If you hadn't noticed allready, I'm new at this...



1. How to make CC output like cc output?

I am using the Sun Solaris 7 system and SC4.2. I have written a minor
boatload of C wrapper code for some C++ functions.  These C functions
are bundled in a DLL on Windows and a I am
now porting them to Solaris.  I then access the C functions from
Smalltalk using the virtual machine primitive interface.  It works
flawlessly on NT. so, I figured it should work just as easily on

When I build a simple sample function and global variable and compile
using 'cc', the resulting '' works beautifully!  I can see
the entry points for 'MyGlobalInteger' and 'myFunction' as I should.  

However, since my real C code is really wrapping C++ code and linking in
C++ libraries, I need to compile using 'CC'.  I tried using 'CC' on just
the sample below and I can no longer 'see' my entry points.  I assume
that the output format of 'CC' is in a format that the Smalltalk VM
(black box) cannot decode.  

I ran 'nm -g' to see if the names were mangled - they were
not.  Is there a compiler option that will force CC output to be written
in the same format in the .so as the cc writes?  Or is there some prefix
I need to add before the functions/globals so the compiler at least
makes the entry points available in the same manner as 'cc'? For
instance, on Windows I use '__declspec(dllexport)'.

Any pointers to which doc to look at or options to try are welcome.  I'm
at the point now where I can't tell if I'm really close to a solution or
grasping at straws! <g>


My test source file (sample.c) looks like:

        /* a global variable */
        unsigned int MyGlobalInteger = 42;

        /* a global function */
        int myFunction(void)
                return 0;


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