Diamond Viper P9000 VLB & SVGALib

Diamond Viper P9000 VLB & SVGALib

Post by Nathan Fer » Wed, 22 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Has anyone experienced any trobules using things that use SVGAlib? With
my system, whenever I exit anything that uses SVGAlib, I get a blank screen.
THe rest of the system works, I can even run X, and it works fine. If I switch
to a VC out of X, the server returns the screen to its previously screwed up

the P9000 X server works fine.

My basic setup:
        486DX2/80 VLB
        Diamond Viper VLB (w/P900)
        Gravis Ultrasound MAX
        Jurix Linux


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1. Is somebody experienced with Linux & Diamond VIPER P9000 VLB ?

Hello ereverybody,

In my previous mail, I was asking some information about the VIPER P9000 and

Now, if somebody already owns a Linux/Diamond VIPER configuration, I would
be very happy to know how it works ??

Does it work well ?
Is it easy or difficult to set up ?

Thank you in advance.

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