Red Hat LILO gives error trying to install to MBR!!!

Red Hat LILO gives error trying to install to MBR!!!

Post by Steven McKenn » Mon, 20 Jan 1997 04:00:00

This problem has me shut down!  I'm a new linux user and am getting turned
off very quickly.
The Red Hat people are giving me piss-poor no-response support, and was
just wondering if
anyone in the user community has run across this problem:

> > I got through 99% of the installation just fine until the very end
> > when it tries to install the bootloader.
> >   I choose the first menu option "/dev/hda  Master Boot Record" for the
> > LILO destination, but it gives an error that reads "an error occured
> > step "install bootloader" of the install. As you can see from my
> > registration information, I had properly gone thru the linux fdisk
> > and created all the recommended partitions as directed, marked the SWAP
> > partition as the correct type.
> >   I also tried choosing to install the bootloader to the second
> > place listed, "/dev/hda1  First Sector of Root Partition", but it also
> > the same error. Just for grins, I even tried to install it to a floppy,
> > which is the last menu option, but it gives the same error.
> >   I have my bios setup to address this IDE hard drive in LBA (large
> > mode addressing) if this makes a difference.
> >   I searched your web site for anything about this problem, but could
> > find anything.
> >   Also, the very first time thru, I marked the hda1 partition ( / ) as
> > "bootable". This put an astersisk in the bootable column of the
> > list. I thought maybe this had something to do with the problem, so I
> > back and turned it off (made it not bootable?) - this took the asterisk
> > away from the partition. But after waiting forever for all of the
> > to install from the CDROM, it gave the same error in the same place!
> >   I'm totally stuck with this error, and may never get to boot linux!
> > HELP!!!

> Subject: Re: [ticket #3683]
> Date: Wednesday, January 08, 1997 5:19 PM

> Steve,

> I'm sorry but wel will need some more information to
> determine your problem.
> During installation there are five Virtual Consoles.      
> Two of these consoles, Install Log <alt><f3> and System Log <alt><f4>,
> would be beneficial in pinpointing the install problem you have occured.
> If you could please make a copy of the messages from these 2 screens
> and send them to us, hopefully we will be able to pinpoint the problem.
> In addition to this information, knowing the exact point where the
> fails and the values submitted will aid us also.

> Thanks..
> -michael maher

OK, the error occurs immediately after hitting "OK" after choosing to
install LILO on /dev/hda (my IDE hard drive root linux partition). The
exact text of the message is detailed in the previous message from me
attached at the bottom of this message.
Just to let you know, I have a SCSI platform with an Adaptec 2940a board
with all of the following devices on the SCSI chain: a 2 Gig Seagate
ST-11200N hard drive, an NEC MultiSpin 6x CD-ROM, an IOMega 150 Multidisk
Bernoulli drive, and a Microtek ScanMaker IIHR.
I have an on-board enhanced IDE controller on my motherboard, which I am
using to control the new Western Digital AC33100 Caviar 3.1 Gig EIDE hard
drive. When my system boots up with the IDE drive configured on the CMOS
screen, the system will try to boot the IDE hard drive. In order to boot up
my Windows NT 4.0 that is on my SCSI hard drive, I simply disable the IDE
hard drive on the CMOS hard drive, and then it finds and boots the Windows
NT partition on the SCSI hard drive just fine. My ultimate goal, of course,
is to have LILO be able to dual boot the system either into linux or
Windows NT on the "sda" hard disk partition.
It seems to be communicating with the IDE hard drive and installs all of
the software on the various partitions I set up as directed, but gives the
error installing LILO.
It seems that there are some assumptions the setup is making about my
installation since it is detecting the SCSI adapter and SCSI hard drive,
etc, but I am bypassing the SCSI all together and installing the complet
linux on the IDE drive instead. I would go ahead and totally disconnect the
SCSI adapter just to get linux installed, but I need the SCSI host to
communicate with my CD-ROM drive!

This is what the Install log looked like at the point it bombed out:
* running: /usr/sbin/kbdconfig
* salt: I1 crypt: I1sfqrYRus9sY
* creating /etc/fstab
* running: /bin/insmod  /bin/insmod  /modules/loop.o
* running: /sbin/mkinitrd  /sbin/mkinitrd  /boot/initrd  *
* root is /mnt
* running: /bin/rmmod  /bin/rmmod  loop
* writing [sl]ilo config to /mnt/etc/lilo.conf
* running: /mnt/sbin/lilo  /mnt/sbin/lilo  -r  /mnt

This is what the System log looked like:
<4> SCSI device sda: hdwr sector=512 bytes, sectors=4194058 [2047 MB] [2.0
<4> sda: sda1
<4> SCSI device sdb: hdwr sector=512 bytes, sectors=294918 [144 MB] [0.1
<4> sdb: write protect is off
<4> sdb: sdb1
<7> MAX Size: 300217   log zone size: 2048
<7> First data zone: 68   Root inode number 139264

(there were other lines above the ones stated on the system log screen that
were identifying the various SCSI devices connected to the system, but I
did not write them down here because they were all there long before the
install procedure got into the LILO configuration / installation section.

Ring any bells with anyone ??


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