Yggdrasil PnP Linux Fall '95 install/LILO help?

Yggdrasil PnP Linux Fall '95 install/LILO help?

Post by ShadowWalker MacCumha » Sat, 30 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Please, can someone send me on the right course to install this?  I
have 16MB RAM, 2 1.x GB HD,s (both IDE) SoundBlaster AWE 32 and USR
Sportster 28.8  IUnternal modem, all under Win95 I have the 2 C set,
but have a DAMN hard time trying to figure out how to set up LILO so I
can also run my Win95.  Any help would be DEEPLY appreciated.  

Thanks in advance!



1. Yggdrasil PnP Fall 95 Distribution

I have tried to installed Yggdrasil Plug and PLay Linux in 4 different
machines and I had not luck. Has anyone else experience this problem with
their distribution.?

1 Compaq Pentium 100 DeskPro XL
        4X Soundlbaster CD (by Sony)
        Lots of HD space (not partitioned) <- cuold this be it?

1 Clone PCI 486 DX4 100
        2x Mitsumi non-IDE
        Lots of HD space

1 Clone Vesa 486 DX2 66
        2x Mitsumi non-IDE
        Lots of HD space

1 Compaq Prolinea DX2 66
        2x Mitsumi non-IDE
        Lots of HD space

Trying and trying I partitioned some drives on the above configurations but
not on all.

On the Compaq Pentium the cd-rom could not be recognized since the SB is using
a triatary IDE address.

On all the other machines it crashes when it looks at the Partitons (way
before getting to the installation menu)

... help?


PS: I know! I should have gotten slackware... and before you write back, I
have already placed the order. <G>

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