Wanted: compiled iBCS for 2.0.27 kernel

Wanted: compiled iBCS for 2.0.27 kernel

Post by Bob Cla » Tue, 17 Dec 1996 04:00:00


   If you have a pre-compiled iBCS module and would be willing to
FTP it somewhere for me, please write and let me know!

   Thank you so vey much!


p.s. It must be 2.0.27, though

p.p.s. I know of a site where it can be dropped off

p.p.p.s Thank you VERY much, is what I meant!  :)


1. Wanted: a copy of the ibcs patched 1.0 kernel and ibcs module

 have already spent to much time on trying to correctly patch the 1.0
kernel for SCO comaptibility without success. I want to install the
SCO WordPerfect. If anybody is willing to send me a copy of the patched
kernel (preferable Slackware) and the insmod ibcs module I will pay the costs
involved.  My home address for a disk is 150 Mosher Road, Delmar, NY 12054
Thanks, Donald Parsons  

Donald F. Parsons MD, Wadsworth Ctr. Rm C273, NY State Dept of Health, ESP,
PO Box 509, Albany, NY 12201-0509. (518)474-7047 Fax: (518)474-7992

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