Trantor SCSI install problem

Trantor SCSI install problem

Post by cary.spang.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I am trying to install Red Hat 6.1 on an old 486 with a SCSI CDROM. The
controller I have is a Trantor T130 which is based on the NCR 53C400.
The boot disk does not manage to find the SCSI board. I have tried to
add the "linux 53c400=0x350,5" option at the boot prompt but this
doesn't help. I end up at a window with "Install your driver disk". I
have tried to put a floppy with the 53c400 driver in the drive but I get
the error message that the disk does not appear to be a valid driver
disk for this version of Red Hat. I cannot find any references to driver
disks in the Red Hat documentation or in any how-tos. How can I make the
install find my CDROM?

1. Help installing with Trantor scsi and Rio CD

A friend of mine is going slowly mad trying to get Linux to install.
He has a PAS 3D SCSI (trantor chipset) and Reno drive.

Does the install process care what scsi ident string is returned from
the CD drive?  If so, we can get ahold of a more common NEC CD drive
to try.

Does Linux recognize the Trantor scsi controller?  If so, do we just
need a different boot floppy?

Any and all information welcome.  He's getting a little testy...

Thanks in advance.

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