Help with Kernel error: "Unable to open initial console."

Help with Kernel error: "Unable to open initial console."

Post by peter ols » Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:00:00

I'm trying to install Linux on my HP Omnibook-600.  I've done the
things suggested on the web page telling how to do this, but now
I've struck an error entirely different from any mentioned there.

Toward the end of the initialization sequence, after all the disk
information has been shown on the boot screen, the computer hangs with
the message: "Unable to open initial console."  This particular
message comes from the file "main.c" in the /usr/src/linux/init
directory.  I've looked at the source code and can't figure out what
it's trying to do or why it's failing.


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1. Kernel 2.5.62 "unable to open initial console"

Apologies of off-topic or screamingly idiotic or newbie :-)

Booting 2.5.62 results in no console.  Looking at syslog shows:

Warning: unable to open initial console

I am not using devfs - /dev/console is there, char major 5, minor 1.

Kernel was built without MDA or framebuffer support, without serial or
parallel console, with CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE 1 and CONFIG_DUMMY_CONSOLE 1.

Problem has been present since at least 2.5.59.

System runs normally if booted with 2.5.24.
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