RedHat 5.0 -> 5.1 upgrade problems

1. upgrade redhat 5.0 -> 5.1

Hi all,

I upgraded redhat 5 to redhat 5.1 on my machine yesterday. After setup
was completed, ppp, kde and my zipdrive didn't work anymore. I already
fixed the zip problem and I guess I have to recompile kde. But, I
can't find a solution for ppp. All the settings look alright (netcfg)
and I can dial-in to my ISP, but nothing happens. Ping doesn't work,
nor Netscape or Kmail. Are there any known issues about ppp and redhat

One more question, I'll have an ISDN connection up and running next
week. I have an internal PCI ISDN (Wiscom-Tigerjet) adapter and I
would like to know how this works with Linux. Does linux 'sees' that
adapter as an internal modem? I know I have to recompile my kernel but

Any hints are welcome.



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