I need help mounting a SBPRO CD-rom on Linux/Slackware

I need help mounting a SBPRO CD-rom on Linux/Slackware

Post by Bruno » Sat, 25 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to get the Kernell to see my SBCDPRO IDE-CDrom
Any help will be appreciated


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I've just ploughed through the entirety of misc,hardware and setup, to no
avail;  I installed Linux from the sbpcd boot disk (as I have a Panasonic
CD-ROM drive hanging off a SoundBlaster-compat. card), and the CD-ROM drive
chugged away happily to give me the OS.  However, my concerns about the size of
everything I was prompted to install made me decide NOT to install the linux

Now, when I boot up the CD drive cannot be mounted because of 'wrong fs, blah
blah, or other error'.  I interrogated sbpcd.h (I *did* install the includes)
and the setup was incorrect.  Because I can't mount the CD drive I can't get
the source off the CD - re-booting off the boot disk (sbpcd) and trying a
reinstall  from the CD using setup gives a warning that the CD drive can't be

Should I delete the linux partition and start from scratch again?  I do really
need to access the CD drive, and I realise now that it is kind of useful to
have the OS source.

Apart from that, it's great having a proper OS on my PC at last!


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