Another CD-Rom problem (Acer)

Another CD-Rom problem (Acer)

Post by Debaise Beno » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I recently purchased the book 'Linux Unleashed' from Sams publ. I am trying
to install linux from the slackware 2.2 CD included with the book.

I am using an Acer IDE CD drive on a 486.
I mad ethe two boot floppies using idecd, when I boot, the system seems to
detect my CD-Rom drive at /dev/hdb but once I login things are different.
When I use the setup utility everything goes fine until I reach the
installation procedure, there I select 'install from CD-Rom', select '7' for
other IDE, ATYPI drives, but no matter what I enter there (/dev/hdb,
/dev/hd1a etc...) I just get returned to the prompt asking me what type of
CD Drive I'm using.
The weird thing is that by typing 'mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/hdb /cdrom'
from the prompt, I have no problem in accessing this CD, but if I attempt to
use pkgtool, it exits as soon as I choose install from CD, or use
/cdrom/slakware as an install path.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?



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I just installed the Slackware 2.3 distribution yesterday and I'm having
a little trouble with my CD-ROM.  It's a (sort-of-generic) USLogic/Acer
quad-speed.  I have it connected as the secondary (slave) drive on my IDE
hard disk controller (so in DOS it was D:).  I'm using the idecd1 boot
image, which recognizes the drive and mounts it properly.  

The problem (I think) is that it's not recognizing a change of discs.  If
I put a new CD in, the directory listing stays the same, and won't
change.  Do I have to manually unmount and remount the CD-ROM?  How do I
do that, if so (I tried, but it complained about /cdrom being not found
in /etc/fstab).  I hope this isn't a FAQ.  If so, my apologies.

Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

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