Redhat 5.0 on Toshiba Tecra 8000

Redhat 5.0 on Toshiba Tecra 8000

Post by Michael Mellinge » Wed, 11 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to install Linux on a laptop at work.  It does the
complete installation but at the last step of installing lilo on the
MBR, the process refuses to work.  I noticed that a vmlinuz has not
been installed in the /mnt/ directory.  Maybe it is failing because
the kernel isn't being copied to the proper place?



1. RedHat 6, won't login on a Toshiba Tecra 8000???

I just installed redhat 6.0 on my Toshiba Tecra 8000, the
install process went well and there were no probles at all.

From the first time it booted, when I get to the login screen
my keyboard stops responding. I can't key in anything at all.

I think its my keyboard, but maybe the whole thing died?

I don't think so, because I see the HD working once in a while.

Any suggestions???

- Sergio

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