Redhat Xwindows problem

Redhat Xwindows problem

Post by sourir » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

There is also something very * with my redhat linux. I followed the
procedures in installing the Xwindows systems but when I entered into the
desktop (Gnome or KDE) all the words on the screen are simply blacked
out.Let me be
specific: there seems to be a blackbox masking wherever the words and the
appear.Things are just there but they just do not display correctly.I think
something related to the displaying function may have gone wrong (may be
I do not think this problem is due to a bad cd-rom because I tried two
copies of Redhat and the problem still remains. My installing procedures
correct, I think.
I found in my cd-rom there is a file in every level of directory called
Talble. Do you have the same file in your cd-rom. Maybe it is this file
that causes
the trouble.
I can hardly do anything if I cannot read the messages on the screen so
please give
me your advice.

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1. RedHat 4.1 Xwindows ThinkPad problem

I just put up RedHat 4.1 after running Slackware versions for a year.
The list of hardware is as follows:

   IBM 360CSE ThinkPad
   20 MB RAM
   310 MB harddrive
   Dual scan display

Am having two problems with Xwindows:

1. Images on screen are doubled.
This occurred when I was using Slackware but I fixed it by using a patch
that was furnished by another TP user. The patch does not work with the
system as contained in RedHat 4.1

2. Only monochrome is shown. No color.
It seems that there should be a fix in the XF86Config file that is
appropriate. If so where should I start and what should be done?

Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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