Yggdrasil Fall '94 Errata

Yggdrasil Fall '94 Errata

Post by Henry M. Pier » Mon, 26 Dec 1994 11:45:12

Subj:   Unknown subject
Date:   94-09-25 22:36:35 EDT

To:     Mapfumo

Yggdrasil Plug-and-Play Linux: Fall 1994 Errata


    (1) The  graphical  control  panel  can't  be  used  for
        installing  the  first  optional   component.    Use
        `install_component' as root instead.  For example:

             # install_component usrbin

    (2) On  at  least  one machine, the check for a modem at
        the end of the install procedure can enter an  infi-
        nite  loop.  If this happens, press `Ctrl-c' to exit
        the install script;  the  installation  has  already
        finished at this point.

    (2) /etc/utmp    should    be   a   symbolic   link   to
        /var/adm/utmp.  After installation, log in  as  root
        and type:
             # rm /etc/utmp /var/adm/utmp
             # ln -sf /var/adm/utmp /etc/utmp
             # touch /var/adm/utmp

    (3) `tar'  gives  a warning message during installation.
        Similar warning messages may be printed  during  the
        installation  of  optional  packages.  None of these
        messages are errors.

    (5) /usr/spool  should   be   symbolically   linked   to
             # rm /usr/spool
             # ln -sf /var/spool /usr/spool

    (6) Misdirected  X-windows  links.  After installing the
        xprogs component type:
             # rm /usr/X11 /usr/lib/X11 /usr/bin/X11
             # ln -sf /usr/X11R6 /usr/X11
             # ln -sf /usr/X11/bin /usr/bin/X11
             # ln -sf /usr/X11/lib/X11 /usr/lib

    (7) Permissions and ownership problems:
             # chmod +x /usr/src/linux/drivers/pcsnd/configure
             # chmod +x /usr/src/linux/makever.sh
             # chown uucp /var/lib/uucp/*

    (8) Boot floppy fails with  Sony  CDU-31A  and  CDU-33A.
        This  is  fixed  in the revision B floppy, available
        for FTP  at  ftp.yggdrasil.com  (  in

    (9) Use   the  command  'crontab'  to  create  crontabs.
        They're put into  /var/spool/cron/tabs  by  default.
        To fix this:
             # rmdir /var/spool/cron/tabs
             # ln -sf /var/spool/cron/crontabs /var/spool/cron/tabs

    (10)The  `mountd'  and  `nfsd'  binaries are old (delete
        them).  Instead  use  `rpc.mountd'  and  `rpc.nfsd'.
        Also,  `portmap' must be started before `rpc.mountd'
        and `rpc.nfsd' if you're trying to get NFS  running.

    (11)When running the control panel and attempting to set
        up new users, /usr/lib/usermaint/lib is  not  found.
        This needs to be a symlink to /usr/lib/usermaint, as
             # cd /usr/lib/usermaint
             # ln -s . lib

    (12)Typographical errors in the manual:
        -- The spine should read "Fall '94" instead of "Sum-
        mer '94".
        --  /var/lib/X11/config  listed at various points in
        the manual is actually at /var/xconfig.


   + Many files have moved in order to conform to the  Linux
     FSSTND (filesystem standard).

   + Networking  is part of the `usrbin' package rather than
     in its own package.

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Henry M. Pierce

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Yggdrasil Fall '94 Errata

Post by Riho Ku » Fri, 30 Dec 1994 03:35:55

>Subj:   Unknown subject
>Date:   94-09-25 22:36:35 EDT

>To:     Mapfumo
>Yggdrasil Plug-and-Play Linux: Fall 1994 Errata

Some problems with Plug'n'Play ?? ;-) Sounds good...

Quote:>    (1) The  graphical  control  panel  can't  be  used  for
>    (2) On  at  least  one machine, the check for a modem at
>    (2) /etc/utmp    should    be   a   symbolic   link   to
>    (3) `tar'  gives  a warning message during installation.
>    (5) /usr/spool  should   be   symbolically   linked   to
>    (6) Misdirected  X-windows  links.  After installing the
>    (7) Permissions and ownership problems:
>    (8) Boot floppy fails with  Sony  CDU-31A  and  CDU-33A.
>    (9) -- Sorry, I deleted...
>    (10)The  `mountd'  and  `nfsd'  binaries are old (delete
>    (11)When running the control panel and attempting to set
>    (12)Typographical errors in the manual:

That's all? So when I spent $*.** for CD i have just 12 little
hack's do see my box running ;-)
Oh, there are also several...

>   + Many files have moved in order to conform to the  Linux
>   + Networking  is part of the `usrbin' package rather than
>Henry M. Pierce

>Linux Is King, Long Live Linus!

Yep, but it's better to use Slackware, guys, you have problems
(maybe) but you got these for no charge  ;-))
btw. I tried install this P'n'P Fall'94 too :(
Riho Kurg               l'Universite de Nice-Sophia Antipolis
                        Laboratoire de Chim. Phys. Organique      


1. Help needed: Yggdrasil Fall'94 errata -- having problems!!!


I just pulled the errata for the Yggdrasil Fall'94 from their ftp site this
morning.  Here are my problems/questions/comments:

1) The ordering of the fixes should be made as most important/required to
those dealing with optional items.  For example: I think the /etc/utmp
correction should be first priority on this list.

2) after issuing the "install_component usrbin" command, I went
into xinit and started to look at the control panel.  Under the optional
software install, i see a button bar for "other /usr/bin and /usr/lib" --
do I need to also run this?

3) when doing these optional software installs, are the appropriate
pointers/paths set/modified properly, or do they have to be handled

4) regarding the install of the xprogs group -- after this is accomplished,
should one completely get out of the xfree package and then make the mods
that are listed in item #6 on the errata sheet?

I did it right after the install was completed, inside the console
window -- now my system locks up hard, during the optional software install
process.  Both using the keyboard strokes to kill xfree and also ctrl-alt-del
won't work; I have to hit the reset button or cycle the power to the box.

5) I'd like to find out if there is any set order to adding in the
"optional software packages".  

6) in trying to match the options in the "optional software install" menu,
I noticed that there are both small and large discrepencies in disk space
requirements.  smallest being less than a meg; largest is the xprogs group.

Suggested improvements:

1) after each optional software package group is loaded, it should somehow
be either removed from the menu or somehow have an indication that it had
been already loaded.

2) root should be notified if during the optional software install there is
a need to log off the system and then re-enter, to allow corrected paths
and/or links to take effect.

I had a problem  when installing (got a message from tar after zSystem.map
was transferred -- tar: only wrote xxxx out of 10240 bytes to - I used xxxx
because I did see a few different values here (6144, 8192).

Again, my hardware specs:
486dx2-66 (amd)
8 mb ram/256k cache on motherboard ("green")
trident 1 mb svga card (using autoselect for xfree setup)
1542c with 1 gb disk, cdr-74, archive 525e tape drive
microsoft compatible mouse
ne2000 clone card
2 serial ports (16550-based) and 1 parallel port


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