Teac CD-55A 16-Bit Problem

Teac CD-55A 16-Bit Problem

Post by Anthony Phin » Tue, 13 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I successfully installed Linux using my Teac CD-55A and it was running
just fine.

I recently upgraded my CD's I/O card to the Teac 16-bit card (the old one
was a vendor proprietary 8-bit card), and now when I boot up Linux, it
auto-probes the card successfully but the system re-boots when later in
the start-up procedure the system tries to mount the CD.

Can this be fixed by tweaking my existing sbpcd driver? or do I need a
16-bit version of sbpcd??

Any help would be appreciated.....



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Hello: I am trying to load RedHar Linux 2.1 on a system with a Teac 55A
Quad CDROM and the Teac 16-bit interface card. It would appear that the
Teac CDROM is supported if attached to a SoundBlaster panasonic port. I
would like to know if there is also support for this device with the
16-bit interface card. Thanks.

Enjoy ~ TC

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