Kernel time - 'date' not correct

Kernel time - 'date' not correct

Post by Dan Warre » Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:00

Can someone tell me why my CMOS time is correct (shows correct in
/var/log/messages) but the date command shows the time off by 5 hours.
This throws the time in my e-mails off.  How can I make them the same
time?  I think my TZ variable is set but don't know how to find out


Dan Warren
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1. 'date' and 'clock' show different times

Dear All,

   The time that the 'date' and 'clock' commands show
 are different (exactly an hour). I have used the commands
 timeconfig, setclock, date and clock commands to fix it
 but I couldn't. A friend in this group told me to check
 the timezone and I used 'timeconfig' to do this but still
 the times shown by these commands are different.
   I am using RedHat 5. Even with the clock in the control-
 panel I couldn't fix this problem.
   Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated.

   Please send a copy of your reply to my email-box if

   Regards - Hossein

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